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Tapped my own name into Google to see what other poor unfortunates shared my name and found all the 2SM stuff.
The thrill of waiting for the song to start then the guys would chat again.
Without this carefully creative planning the stunt would not have worked.
Cheers Neal Connolly From: Alan Carmichael Subject: WOW!I was standing at the kitchen sink washing up after breakfast before I went to school.I saw your photographs of the event and I am sure that you are featured often in your big hat!Keep up the great work.Best wishes for the future, Bob Stuart.Another tape was a partially completed tape promoting Ron E Sparx.I was also on jukebox jury.I wrote in and won a slot on the programme.(i was so nervous meeting Frank Fursey and Charlie Fox that I think I was the quietest and most boring person they ever had on there!I keep keys in it and coins now.It made for some great radio.Not much Donnie, but hell you took me down memory lane. .One thing that has to be said about Australian media is that we're crap at documenting our own history.Anyway good work with add adult contact directory url us the website I hope it brings more of the people who made that station great out of the woodwork.Amongst various items, I picked up a few sales tapes, which gave a good overview of the radio station.I don't think I have any material you don't already have - but when I eventually do a "spring clean" of the garage, some of my boxes of "important stuff" might turn-up some surprises.9 or 10 have tried contacting both for more info.) We had the best time, meeting special overseas guests it was a music show with dancing entertainment having a disco on set which was a huge egg (yes, refer the American movie Thank God Its.Simon From: Chris Morris Subject: Best Days of Radio Date: 26 December 2007 Hey there Debbie What a wonderful site you've put together, thanks because we can now all share it and relive what I believe were the better days in radio. .
My daughter who looks after these matters is contactable via email.

Any luck with gaining a copy - though that was before everyone had video recorders.Probably about 12 years.) I was always intending to go back.Culturally it is a very important thing not to loose this history.2SM deserves to have this place in Aussie cyberspace!Cheers David Gorton From: Keith Morris Subject: Hi Debbie, for your interest.I still hang around the radio business, it's a bit like a disease, once you've got it you can't get rid. I was 16 in 1978, living in Kirribilli, with a little blue plastic trannie that could only get 2SM.Strange new voices, and still some funny old days music happening.Growing up in Abbotsford, I use to live across the street from a girl (woman now) Kim Moller that worked at 2SM, you may have known her.His nickname was 'Lobo' but his name was Laurie Bennett. .
He was the most down to earth guy and great to work with, even if from a distance.