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During World War II, the leaders of the Axis powers (Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and General (and Prime Minister) Hideki Tojo) were sometimes depicted by Allied propagandists as monsters.
The title was "Soldat, La Patrie Compte Sur Toi." The poster depicted a woman and man embracing, followed by the physically debilitated soldier on his hospital bed.It will tell you some important facts and real dangers you should know about.Inappropriate or inadequate treatment can often have a high price in irremediable results for you and your future family.The Major stood up and said: By the way, we cannot cure this disease.Pinda Exogamy: Those who belong to the same panda or sapinda( common parentage) cannot marry within themselves.The leaflet is entitled Auslaender nehmen Deinen Platz ein!You have a fine healthy body now.The problem was that the local native "doctor" often injected the patient with condensed milk or some other solution instead of the promised penicillin.It was aimed at warning service men against the health risks of promiscuous sexual behavior.Only a poor boob pays his money, loses his watch, gets the syph, and brags that hes had a good time Which shall it be: to the mat with the Hun or to bed with a chippie?Im ever hopeful my technique will improve by the third shot.There were islands off the coast of the Republic of Vietnam from where American and Vietnamese clandestine forces originated black operations against North Vietnam.Soviet leaflet 1857 Courtesy of Klaus Kirchner Kirchner's leaflet website is m university of essex north towers The leaflets prepared by the Soviet Union for Germany best online dating apps for sex were often insulting, occasionally sexual in nature, usually long winded, and sometimes contained a safe conduct pass.Notice they do not list antibiotics.Other troops told me: Yes, this story went around in the 60s in the Republic of Vietnam.Manhood comes from healthy sex organs.

She may look Clean But In this poster we see a mix of Army, Navy and a civilian together.The booklet, War Department Pamphlet.The text is, "VD- a sorry ending to a Furlough.There was one case making the rounds of a kid who managed to catch TB and syphilis at the same time.Would you want your sister to marry someone with that shit?" Enough said!Your identification tag will be returned only after successful sanitation.Their genitals were dripping pus and tissue was falling off.An Auxiliary with venereal disease cannot do her job; and a self-inflicted inability to serve is unworthy of an Armed Forces Auxiliary.Finally it came his turn at the end of the file to enter the dispensary.An Army veteran who was in Vietnam in 1968 heard the story a bit differently.
Some of the text is: The communist terrorists bring nothing but sickness and death to the people See the woman crying.

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