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222 Since the Ehoie of Alcmene was attested for book 4, Marckscheffel proposed that books 13 were the " Catalogue and books 4 and 5 were the " Ehoiai ".
412, on her.
183; the translation given above is that of Most (2007,. .(1983 Supplementum Hellenisticum, Berlin, isbn.144 Book 4 edit Before the papyri began to accrue, the longest extant passage of the Catalogue was known from the Shield of Heracles, the first 56 lines of which were borrowed from book 4 according to an ancient hypothesis to the Shield.Finkelberg (1988) believes that Ajax actually ruled these surrounding countries in the Catalogue.7 As is reflected by its use as an alternate title, the ' hoi -formula was one of the poem's most recognizable features.195 (.) 516.166 Before giving his decision, Tyndareus bound all the suitors to his fateful oath: east sussex dating should anyone ever take his daughter by force, all those who had wooed her must exact vengeance upon her abductor.134 Elatus sired Aepytus, the father of Tlesenor and Peirithous; Apheidas was the father of Stheneboea, the wife of Proetus, and Aleus.Kenney,.J.; Clausen,.V.Read more on how to access archives and special collections.(2007 Hesiod: The Shield, Catalogue, Other Fragments, Loeb Classical Library,.84 Sisyphus attempted to cheat her of her cattle, but Zeus intervened.(2005 "Heracles in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women in Hunter (2005a),. .5570 Missing or empty title ( help )CS1 maint: Uses editors parameter ( link ).(1994 " POxy 2509 and Callimachus' Lavacrum Palladis : CQ, 44 : 41026, doi :.1017/s x, jstor 639644.
9 A characteristic example is found in the introduction of the daughters of Porthaon at Cat.

170 The end of the Heroic Age edit The marriage of Helen and Menelaus precipitates the Trojan War, the event that ultimately brings the heroic age to an end, but the circumstances surrounding this transition in the Catalogue are unclear.Merkelbach and West did not include this papyrus in their edition of the fragment, the latter calling it an "incoherent epic pastiche" which would cause the author of the Catalogue to "turn in his grave if he knew that it had been attributed to him.".(1996 "Nota paleogr√°fica sobre PLit.66, the "Coma Berenices in Carm.142 His line is traced down to Elephenor, leader of the Abantes in the Trojan War.It is possible that the attribution to book three was simply incorrect, and Atalante's Ehoie came within the family of Athamas in books one or two.Ivv, second century AD) The final book was different in that it apparently left behind the genealogical structure of the first four books.(1951b "Zur Einordnung der neuen Fragmente Aegyptus, 31 : 268.100 Book 3 edit The division between books 2 and 3 presents a special problem for the reconstruction of the Catalogue.(1970 " Giangrande (1970) CR, 20 : 416.141 Hyperes' daughter Arethusa slept with Poseidon and was changed to a spring in Euboea, but not before bearing Abas, the eponym of the Abantes.
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305) which name some of the hounds and describe their rending of Actaeon.

Perimede had earlier in the book borne two sons to the river Achelous, one of whom was the grandfather of Oeneus, Hippodamas.
50 There she became enamoured of the river Enipeus, but Poseidon had his own designs upon Tyro and in the guise of the river lay with her, siring Neleus and Pelias.
217A OCT, first edited by Renner (1978).