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Maturity date for vegetables

Radishes n/a As early as possible in spring, and in late summer P1-2" R6-12" " 3-10 weeks Radishes will bolt in warm temperatures.
Potato 90-120 varies with cultivar varies with cultivar Dig when tops turn brown and die.If you start the seed indoors and transplant it search woman Tunisia into your garden, start counting from when you transplant.Cucumber, pickling long dark green.Cucumbers n/a May-June P36-48" R36-48" 3-4 plants per mound 1" 2-3 months Spread a mulch of black plastic to the area before the vines begin to spread.However, most sources work on the general agreement that.Cauliflower to 8 across creamy white, blanch heads when 2-3 across by carefully tying leaves over heads.Most seed packets list either a "Days.Carrot 60-80 3/4 in diameter orange, harvest when orange shoulder pushes through the soil.Home Vegetable Gardening, the planting dates are approximate and generally based on the warming and temperature of the soil.See Web Page Lettuce Feb.-March Early April P8-12" R18-24" Do not cover 70-90 days Grows best in the cool temperatures of spring and fall.
Pepper Hot to 3 long red, purple, yellow, green Use gloves when harvesting.

Pumpkin 85-120 varies with cultivar orange Harvest when uniformly orange, leave 3-4 of stem.Greater the maturity, lesser are the number of days required for the fruit ripen.Cabbage 60-90* varies with cultivar green, red, harvest when heads are large and solid.Secondly shelf life of the produce in some fruits depends upon maturity stage of harvested produce.Squash 3-4 weeks before planting in garden May-June See web page -1" 40-100 days Summer Squash matures in 40-45 days.A black plastic mulch will warm the soil and promote good growth.The maturity indices are also called as Maturity Standards or Signs casual sex of Maturity.We rarely have ideal growing conditions, but given somewhat reasonable conditions, you can expect the number on the seed packet to be an accurate gauge.

Because there are 'new and improved' hybrids of many of these plants developed each year, more detailed information should be taken from the seed packets as to actual timing and planting specifications in your area.