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In order to counter these threats, Saddam continued with his public posture of retaining the WMD capability.
Tariq Aziz denied Saddam killed anyone personally while President.
Instead, Saddam reserved for himself the right to dispense the fruits of the Regime, thereby making those who benefited from power sure they were doing so exclusively at his will.Revenues from this program increased from.2 billion in 1997 to a peak.87 billion in 2000 (see the Regime Finance and Procurement chapter).He retained a respect for many aspects of science to the end, but became less interested in detail and more detached from developments in Iraqs scientific infrastructure.Meetings of the political leadership were not scheduled.Saddam gave preferential treatment to Russian and French companies hoping for Russian and French support on the UN Security Council.According to NMD Director Husam Muhammad Amin, the NMD continued in its role of enforcing unsc resolutions, despite its subordination search women in koln to MIC and the departure of unscom inspectors on 15 December 1998.

IIS had assigned 150 officers to work the Iranian target, according to a former senior IIS officer.According to a mid-level IIS official, the IIS successfully targeted scientists from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, China, and several other countries to acquire new military and defense-related technologies for Iraq.Saddam exercised a high degree of personal control by taking over leadership of the ministers council and by getting involved in its details.There are indications that what Saddam actually had in mind was some form sex offender map 80218 of insurgency against the coalition.At a minimum, the forms would have provided documents to offer the UN, but they may also have stopped free lancing and thereby ensured that any WMD research underway was tightly controlled to avoid inadvertent disclosures.Ali Hasan Al Majid noted Saddams expansion of the university system.Iraq considered Iran a historical enemy with desires for Iraqi territory.I went to the trading companies to get them to share their profit margin with.

The quick end to Saddams Regime brought a similarly rapid end to its pursuit of sanctions relief, a goal it had been palpably close to achieving.
Ramadan was unsure of his authority to deal with UN inspectors under this arrangement, and he would guess at both the limits of his authority and his personal safety from Saddams wrath, a situation compounded by the inability to contact Saddam at critical moments.